MySword for Android version 1.4 is now ready for download. Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features are:

  1. Further search window improvements especially to aid in Personal Notes entry:
    • Tap search result text selects the verse/entry. This is useful for harvesting result items into the clipboard (select then add to clibpoard).
    • Clear clipboard menu command.
    • View clipboard contents menu command. Added also menu commands: Select and Copy text, and Copy All text.
    • Search result line View/More link for Commentary/Notes as the result really only shows the best sections. The link will only show if ... exists in the result. The View/More link will show a preview of the contents with highlighted search keywords.
    • Removed the duplicated Verse heading for results for Commentary and Personal notes because the select link on the left is already the verse in short format.
    • Removed the Go to button and replaced it with new buttons useful for copying texts: Menu, Add Current verse, Copy All text, and View clipboard.
  2. Download modules window improvements:
    • The download item is unchecked when that item is finished even while the others are still on queue. This will help the user not to redownload a finished item in case there is a timeout in another item.
    • Modules already available in the Modules Path (those previously downloaded or currently downloaded) are colored Green. This will help the user distinguish what modules he currently already has from those he does not yet have.
    • More responsive progress bar display as it is refreshed 4 times more than before (by lowering the size of the download buffer from 512KB to 128KB).
  3. Notes editor improvements:
    • Better list and heading (h3 to h6) style (CSS) which will benefit the Personal Notes. Because the screen is very small, normal margin for nested lists (numbered or bulleted) is not appropriate so the margin was reduced. All headings (h1 to h6) are set to the normal size as ordinary text.
    • Double tapping the text editor will toggle show/hide of the buttons (fullscreen) to increase/decrease the editor size when the soft keyboard is shown.
    • Added menu in Personal Notes editor: Full screen (hide buttons), Save, Preview and Hide keyboard.
  4. Ability to change the default Color scheme/theme to black background as some prefer the white text over black background. More schemes/themes to come in the future. To change the current settings, go to Menu->Preferences->Color theme. This menu replaces the menu item Highlight because the Highlight button is more useful for highlighting and the menu item is a waste of space and it is also a little out of place.

These bugs were also fixed:

  1. History List crashes when there are no Dictionaries/Commentaries and they are visited. There are no problems though if there is at least one Dictionary and Commentary.
  2. Application downgrade causes problems with button arrangement settings.
  3. Search window's menu action Add current verse should add the text at the end of the clipboard text and not at the beginning.
  4. The main window's Copy all/current text for Commentary, Dictionary and Personal Notes have HTML heading garbage. This bug was introduced when full screen was supported.
  5. Translation shortcut buttons 3 and 4 are not memorized when you exit MySword. This is actually caused by the upgrade from 2 to 4 buttons (version 1.2 to 1.3) not adding 2 more default translations to the previously saved shortcuts. There are no problems for new installations.
  6. Reference Notes popup text in HTML (with HTML tags) is now properly formatted.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword.

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