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Language: All (26)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Afrikaans [AF]0.080.4719 May 2023
Translated by: Conrad Kroucamp and Hendrik J Bosman
2Bahasa Indonesia [ID]0.070.4720 May 2023
Translated by: Martianus Wahyu Budiyanto
3Bulgarian (български) [BG]0.070.4410 March 2023
Translated by: Angel Dimitrov
4Catalan (Català) [CA]0.030.2810 April 2013
Translated by: Ferran Sabaté
5Chinese (Simplified) 中文 (中国) [ZH]0.080.4719 May 2023
Translated by: Wilson Yeung 楊永軾 and David Wei 魏志勇; continued by Dr Ricky Leung
6Chinese (Traditional) 中文 (台灣) [ZH]0.080.4719 May 2023
Translated by: Wilson Yeung 楊永軾 and David Wei 魏志勇; continued by Dr Ricky Leung
7Dutch (Nederlands) [NL]0.070.526 August 2022
Translated by: Werner Horlings and Mark van Oostrum
8Finnish (Suomi) [FI]0.080.523 May 2023
Translated by: Joel Korhonen
9French (Français) [FR]0.080.4719 May 2023
Translated by: Denis Brousseau
10German (Deutsch) [DE]0.080.4729 March 2022
Translated by: Peter Schöllhorn
11Greek (Ελληνικά) [GR]0.040.3121 April 2014
Translated by: George Aggelou
12Hindi (हिन्दी) [HI]0.030.3115 August 2013
Translated by: Anit Deane
13Hungarian (Magyar) [HU]0.070.4119 May 2023
Translated by: Sinka Csaba and László Baranyi
14Italian (Italiano) [IT]0.080.4710 March 2023
Translated by: Paolo Morabito
15Japanese (日本語) [JP]0.080.5319 May 2023
Translated by: Max Oehninger
16Korean (한국어) [KR]0.080.4719 May 2023
Translated by: 번역자 Young Ho Park
17Lithuanian (Lietuvių) [LT]0.050.3117 August 2015
Translated by: Julius Jonušas
18Polish (Polski) [PL]0.110.635 June 2023
Translated by: Jordan Mężyk and Jerzy Puczek
19Portuguese-BR (Português (Brasil)) [PT]0.110.5624 May 2023
Translated by: Natan Rufino and Alexandre Ognibene
20Romanian (limba română) [RO]0.070.522 May 2023
Translated by: Marian Ciucă
21Russian (Русский) [RU]0.080.513 December 2021
Translated by: Mykola Hudkovych (Микола Гудкович)
22Slovak (Slovenčina) [SK]0.030.286 June 2013
Translated by: Jan Corba
23Spanish (Español) [ES]0.070.4118 January 2022
Translated by Ari Barreto de Oliveira; edited and continued by Werner Horlings
24Tagalog [TL]0.080.4719 May 2023
Translated by: MySword Volunteer
25Thai (ไทย) [TH]0.080.4713 March 2020
Translated by: Choat; Boonyachoat Boonyakiat
26Ukrainian (Українська) [UK]0.050.3430 July 2015
Translated by: Mykola Hudkovych (Микола Гудкович)
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