Updated 9 December 2023

  1. Is MySword the Pocket e-Sword for Android?
    • No. But the developers of MySword were inspired by Rick Meyers' Pocket e-Sword in developing MySword that is why the features are almost patterned after Pocket e-Sword.
  2. What is the minimum Android version supported by MySword?
    • Android 5.0 Lollipop for the latest versions of MySword (11.1 and higher)
    • Android 4.0 ICS for the old version of MySword 11.0
    • Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the old version of MySword 9.1.2
    • Android 2.1 Eclair for the old version of MySword 7.4
  3. What is the minimum Android device screen resolution supported by MySword?
    • QVGA or 240x320
    • But the recommended resolution is HD or 1280×720 so that the text will be crisp, easy to read and good for the eyes (Full HD and higher is even better).
    • For the QVGA, it is advisable to use the full screen mode. To go to full screen mode, simply double tap the Bible View (or Commentary, Dictionary or Personal Notes Views). You can temporarily show the buttons by singly tapping the View.
  4. Why is SD Card required for MySword to work?
    • Android requires an SD Card for an application file APK to be downloaded then installed.
    • MySword uses the SD Card also for the Bible, Commentary and Dictionary modules. The private internal memory could have been used but that is wiped out upon uninstall so that is discouraged.
    • New Android devices (with ICS, Honeycomb, Jelly bean, Kit kat and higher) emulate and SD card so they distinguish the emulated one from the physical SD card by calling the emulated one Internal SD card while the physical one External SD card. MySword default installation is the Internal SD card unless the device is configured to use the External SD card as the Default write disk.
  5. How much space is required for MySword installation?
    • MySword application itself only requires less than 20 MB of space of internal memory. The highlights, bookmarks, settings, personal notes, journals, and downloaded Bibles and other module databases are stored in the selected modules path (normally the SD card or Internal SD card). For the default install (where are default modules are checked), the storage space required for the modules path is around 120 MB. If you are a power user and have many Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and books, the required space could be around 1 GB.
  6. How to install MySword if this message appears: "For security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source."?
    • Please refer to the Download page's installation instruction
    • MySword was available in the Google Play from May 17, 2011 to January 30, 2020 but it's now no longer available. It's also no longer available in Samsung Galaxy Store. However, an old version of MySword is still available in the Amazon app store.
  7. Do I need to install old versions of MySword before installing the latest version?
    • NO. Simply download the latest version and install.
  8. How do I delete a module (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, Journal/Book)?
    • Inside MySword, go the view (Bible, Commentary, etc), select the module you want to delete via the Module selector (combo box), swipe the top bar to the left to get to the rightmost, then tap the Delete icon. You will then be asked to enter a delete code which is simply the first 3 characters of the module's abbreviation. The delete code is a protection mechanism to prevent accidental deletion.
    • You can also use the File Browser/Explorer/Manager included in your device or use your favorite one like Astro or AndExplorer to delete modules (especially multiple files). Go to the MySword modules path (/sdcard/mysword by default). Locate the files you want to delete and delete them.
  9. Do you have plans to develop MySword for different platforms like iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry?
    • Because of limited resources (developers, time, money), we can only maintain MySword for Android OS.
  10. How do you migrate e-Sword modules to MySword?
  11. How do you install MySword into Amazon Kindle device?
    • We have users who successfully installed MySword on their Kindle devices. These steps were shared to us by users who were able to install MySword successfully. On the KindleFire you can install apps “outside” the Amazon market by doing the following:
      1. Go to: Kindle Settings -> Device window, then set ”Allow Installation of Applications” to ON
      2. Use the “Silk” browser included on the Kindle to access MySword website and it should easily load. Download the latest MySword apk from the site (http://www.mysword.info/download-mysword).
      3. Download the "Easy Installer" or "ES File Explorer" app from Amazon. It allows the installation of apps with the .apk extension. When you open the app, it scans for files with the .apk extension. Then choose the app you want to install and follow the screen prompt. It couldn't be any simpler with this installer application.

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After giving your seed, please wait for MySword Technical Support to prepare your activation code within 24 hours (our time zone is GMT+800). You will be receiving an email using the email you used in PayPal with instructions on how to activate.

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