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New Version - v.11.3.1

MySword 11.3.1 is just a bugfix for Main Bible view Compare Strong/Morph link as popup not working and others.

MySword 11.3's major features are Strong/Morphology popup navigation and #Number search for Deluxe.

If your device is Google Play Store (Android Market) enabled, note that you can also download the stable older Free version (MySword 10.4) from the Google Play Store.

Please note that only the Free version is available in Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store and Amazon while the one available from this website can be upgraded to Premium or Deluxe version. The website version can always be installed over the Google Play version by enabling "Allow from this source" for the particular app that will open the APK (Chrome or any File Explorer/Manager) for new devices.

If your device is not Google Play Store enabled or you can't download the app from Google Play, in your Android device's browser, click either of the download links below.

Download MySword latest versionLatest MySword for Android v.11.3.1 - 18 December 2020

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword v.11.2 - 5 August 2020

Note: When you download using Google Chrome in your Android device, a message will appear saying:

This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep mysword4android-{version number}.apk anyway?

This is just a generic warning from Google Chrome (other browsers may say a similar warning) because you are downloading an APK outside Google Play. Just tap OK.

Please also note that the latest version of MySword (MySword 11.1 and higher) requires Lollipop (Android 5.0) or higher. If your device is ICS (Android 4.0) up to Kitkat (Android 4.4), please download the older version MySword 11.0 below. If your device is Gingerbread 2.3.1 or Honeycomb, please download the older version MySword 9.1.2 below. If you still have Eclair or Froyo, please download an even older version of MySword 7.4 below.

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword v.11.0 - 11 March 2020 (ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat)

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword v.9.1.2 - 2 June 2018 (Gingerbread/Honeycomb)

Download MySword stable versionOlder version of MySword v.7.4 - 6 December 2016 (Eclair/Froyo)


For MySword to be properly installed in your Android device, make sure the Unknown Sources setting is checked in Settings->Applications.

  1. Installation Instructions
  2. Bugs Fixed in Version 11.3.1
  3. What's new in Version 11.3
  4. What's new in Version 11.2
  5. Bugs Fixed in Version 11.2
  6. Change Log of MySword - Old Versions to latest


After the download and you are prompted to Open, tap Open then select Package Installer if asked. If Chrome asked:

For security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.

Tap Settings, then make sure you enable installation by tapping Allow from this source. Then tap Back (or the top left arrow). Then tap Install.

If you missed tapping the Open and the dialog was closed after the download, you can still install via your File Manager/Explorer. Locate the downloaded APk file then tap it to install.

After successful installation, run MySword. For newer devices, the following message will appear:

Storage permission (access to files on your device) is required for downloaded modules like Bibles for MySword app to work. Please grant the permission on the next confirmation box.

Tap OK. Then tap Allow when this confirmation box appears:

Allow MySword Bible to access photos, media and files on your device?

You will then be asked to specify a folder in your SD card (or internal storage) as a place for the Bible, Dictionary and Commentary modules. You may choose to use the Default. After specifying that folder, you will be asked to download modules so that you can use MySword. You can choose the suggested modules (includes some popular English Bibles, Strong's dictionary and TSK commentary) or add more modules by tapping Bible, Commentary or Dictionary buttons and selecting modules).

You can also manually install any modules by downloading the GZip files from this site, unzipping them and copying them into the storage folder you had specified.

Enjoy God's word!

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.3.1

  1. Main Bible view Compare Strong/Morph link as popup not working.
  2. Strong popup navigation's line showing Strong and Morph: the Deluxe search includes an s prefix for Strong making it not to work.
  3. #Number search for Deluxe:
    1. Preference is not properly remembered
    2. Not working on encrypted Bibles

What's new in Version 11.3

  1. New Popups preference useful for smartphones: Strong popup navigation. When enabled and a Strong or Morphology is tapped on a Bible in the main view, the dictionary popup will include a Strong/Morph navigation at the top showing the following information:
    1. Blue left/right arrows for showing the previous or next Strong.
    2. Green left/right arrows for showing the previous or next Morphology or Strong (navigation includes Strong then Morphological codes).
    3. (v#/#) where the first number is the verse number which is also a link to that verse and the second number is the Strong/word position within verse.
    4. Second line showing the Strong and Morphological codes with Lemma, if any (some entries in the OT have multiple Morphological codes per Strong).

    Note: Currently, only MySword, TheWord and MyBible bibles are supported.

  2. New Morphological dictionary preference: Use Bible's morphology dictionary. Checked by default, this will make sure the packaged Morphological dictionary with the Bible is used even if there is no RMAC downloaded. To force a different dictionary, please uncheck.
  3. Improvements on the support for ESword 12.2 bbli:
    1. embedded notes/references using <not>...</not> tags
    2. <red> and <blu> tags
  4. #Number search for Deluxe. Searches for book, chapter or verse numbers given via numbers after #. E.g. #777 will try to look for book 7 (Judges) chapter 7 verse 7, any book with chapter 7 verse 77, and any book with chapter 77 verse 7.

What's new in Version 11.2

  1. Support for RVF entries of The Word dictionary, commentary and book.
  2. Support for ESword 9 and up Maps (.mapx).
  3. Verse List improvements:
    1. Added Import menu item for importing verse lists from ESword .lstx and The Word .vsls.twm. Note that for The Word, only single verses or verse range within a chapter are imported, and specific translation is not included.
    2. Added Highlight menu item for highlighting or removing highlight from all verses in the list.
  4. Tags (Deluxe) improvements:
    1. Placed the verse on the title for reference
    2. Added new menu item Verse range: for specifying the range of verses to apply tags for. Note that only common tags in each verse in the range that are not custom positioned will be loaded. Edit note and custom position are disabled.
    3. Added ability to add label or description to a tag common to all verses which is useful for describing icon tags but can also be used for Adhoc and Text tags. By Default, the label is displayed both in the Tag screen as well as in Bible but can be controlled via the Tag Preferences in the menu or Bible View Preferences, respectively.

Bugs Fixed in Version 11.2

  1. A file or folder without extension in bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, journals and journalsbig will crash MySword at start.
  2. Create Index fails for ESword, MyBible and The Word dictionary.
  3. MyBible modules can't be properly adapted when Split modules path or private storage is used.
  4. Word Frequency fails for ESword, MyBible and The Word dictionary if there is no Exact Index.
  5. RTF (eSword or The Word) missed some non-Enlish characters:
    1. \'xx encoded characters when followed by a letter or digit, e.g. prika\'9ee will become prika
    2. Unicode > 32,768 which is encoded as negative, e.g. \u-28589
  6. HGPD and SBLGNT Bibles cause a crash in Marshmallow and older.
  7. K&D in Popup commentary list can't be opened.

Enjoy God's word even more!

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