MySword for Android version 1.5 is now ready for download. Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features are:

  1. Restored the orange (other color in other Android Themes) link border as it is a feedback to the user especially usefull for a collection of links like in Strong's/KJC/TSK list of verse references, and also in Bible with Strong's. This feedback allows the user to know if he has tapped/clicked the right link.
  2. Improved the Verse Selection Dialog so that the currently selected book, chapter and verse is highlighted. Also the text color is brightened.
  3. Changed the text size of most list selections from large to medium and shrunk also the height so that more items can be shown. The following selectors are modified:
    • Module selector - just to make it consistent with others
    • Bible, Commentary and Dictionary selectors
    • Back and Forward history list
    • Text size
    • Button arrangement
    • Strong's Hebrew
    • Strong's Greek
  4. Made the Preferences sub-menu a standard Android Preferences window.
  5. Made the hardware back button move history back for standard Android applications consistency compliance, or show the exit dialog in case already at the beginning.
  6. Search UI improvements:
    • Made the width of +/- Search Details/Options expander button wider so that it can be easily tapped.
    • Made the selection list of the Module selector (for Bible or Commentary) similar to Range, Book From and Book To for look and feel consistency.

These bugs were also fixed:

  1. In full screen mode (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary or Personal Notes), single tapping shows the buttons but also scrolls down the screen a bit causing the bottom buttons to scroll halfway.
  2. Loading new entry in Dictionary, Commentary and Personal Notes does not automatically scroll to top, instead it memorizes the previous scroll position.
  3. Text size change is reflected in the current view but not in others that are already loaded. For example in the Bible view, go to Dictionary, then go back to Bible, change the text size, then when you go to the Dictionary the text size is not affected until you change the word/entry.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword.

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