MySword for Android version 1.3 is now ready for download. Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features are:

  1. Search improvements:
    • Switching to full screen will hide the soft keyboard as well.
    • Hide soft keyboard when you return to Search again and there are existing results (verses found previously).
    • If current Search preference is full screen and you go to Search and the previous results are cleared because you are in a different module type, it should automatically switch to normal mode (non full screen).
    • The Search Details (Module, Range, From book, To book) status (shown or not) is now memorized. So if there is a previous result and in the previous search the Search Details are hidden (collapsed), when you go to search again, the Search Details are still hidden.
    • Exact phrase search is now possible by enclosing the phrase in double quotes. This only effectively works with KJV Lite and other modules wiithout Strong's.
  2. Dictionary View's Select Word Window improvement: exit when a word is selected in the list.
  3. In Compare Translations, Module/Translation Abbreviation is now clickable/tappable to go directly to that translation.
  4. Improved Wiki in Personal Notes
    • So that long text in list and those with nested list will be a lot readable, an empty line separator is now allowed.
    • A paragraph as part of the list item is now possible using #- / #. for numbers or *- / *. for bullets. Nesting is also possible.
    • Link to other personal notes is now possible using n after the link begin delimiters, e.g. [[n Joh 3:16]]
    • Link to Strong's entry is now possible using the format [[H####]] or [[G####]], e.g. [[G25]]
    • Links to dictionary entry is also now possible using the format [[d DictAbbr Word]], e.g. [[d Easton Israel]]
    • Link to commentary is now possible using the format [[c ComAbbr verse]], e.g. [[c TSK Joh 3:16]]
    • Allow case-insensitive full book names, abbreviation, space in book names, and the nearest shortcut in verse links, e.g. [[joh 3:16]], [[JOH 3:16]], [[john 3:16]], [[JOhn 3:16]], [[2 Kings 1:3]], [[jo 1:12]], [[J 1:12]]. Detect single chapter books, e.g. [[3 John 2]]
    • Added two new buttons: Preview and Hyperlink. The Preview helps you view the rendered text without saving, exiting edit then going back to edit and losing the current cursor position. The Hyperlink helps you compose links without typing the tags.
    • New entry with date heading now have two empty lines after it and the cursor is positioned at the end so that you can directly enter text without clicking the Enter key twice.
    • Simple table support using pipes where the first row is always considered the header and is styled appropriately (bold and centered). You can also apply text alignment of left, center and right by placing <, = and > after the pipe, respectively. For example, Data 2 and Data 4 are right aligned:
      | _Col 1_ | _Col 2_ |
      | Data 1 |> Data 2|
      | Data 3 |> Data 4|
  5. Select your own Strong's dictionary for the Old and New Testament. Old version defaults to Strong Lite, then Strong non-Lite if it is absent.
  6. Additional Buttons for Commentary and Dictionary Views: two Favorite buttons similar to Bible View Favorite Translations shortcuts.
  7. Ability to arrange the Commentary and Dictionary View buttons.
  8. Increased the Bible Favorite buttons from 2 to 4 and reduced Bookmarks from 4 to 2 in Bible View. This is so that the count of Favorite button shortcuts will be the same as in Commentary and Dictionary Views.

These bugs were also fixed:

  1. Wrong version number in About.
  2. Editing of Personal Notes crashes when you are at the end of the content and you enter bullet or number via the button.
  3. In Editing of Personal Notes, adding bullet/number to existing item to make the item a sub-list item, the bullet/number is placed at the beginning instead of at the end of the prefix. E.g. # one -> becomes *# one -> instead of #* one

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword.

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