We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 5.1 Release Candidate (RC) 2 for download. MySword 5.1's major features are Split Modules path for Kitkat (Internal storage for user files, and External SD card for downloadable modules), download manager and other improvements.

Please note that MySword 5.1 RC 2 is only available from the MySword website. We will not be releasing any Release Candidate versions of MySword 5.1 through Google Play. After MySword 5.1 has graduated from Release Candidate status, that is the time we will be releasing MySword 5.1 through Google Play. The tentative schedule of that release is second/third week of May (after a week). Please report any bugs you encountered. Thanks.

Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features of MySword 5.1 are:

  1. Download Manager improvements:
    1. Each module now displays the download size and the install size (in parentheses).
    2. The total download and install sizes are also displayed at the bottom.
  2. Support for Split Modules path for Kitkat which splits the Modules path to two:
    1. Internal storage for settings/mydata files, journals and notes (NOT deleted upon uninstall)
    2. External SD card for downloadable Bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, fonts and languages (DELETED upon uninstall).

    This is recommended for Kitkat devices with small internal storage and a large external SD is available. To use it, please see: MySword 5.1 Split Modules path for Kitkat (internal plus External SD).

  3. New Preference: Merge adjacent Bible references. Embedded XRefs in Bible as well as Bible references in other modules can now be merged to have one popup that expands all the verses similar to Custom XRefs. It is available under Look and Feel with label Bible References, just after Cross-Reference. Other settings:
    1. Merge text - default to (refs%s), where %s is the placeholder for count of references
    2. Show merged references (Bible or Other modules) - show or hide the original Bible links merged
  4. Search improvement: exclude word/phrase (NOT IN) using hyphen (-) (FTS double quotes does not support exclusion/NOT, only a whole word can be excluded). Example, this will search for the verses with the word understand but without the word understanding (Standard search): understand -understanding
  5. Better/smoother content scrolling in ICS, Jellybean and Kitkat through hardware acceleration.
  6. Accented Greek is now properly displayed in the Dictionary Word button and Selector. Hebrew with diacritics are also supported for Kitkat or higher.
  7. Support for verse rules in Bible modules and Details.ParagraphIndent field (0 for none, 1 for default) for module creators.
  8. Long tap Bible Preferences button will show Toggle Verse Rules special features of the Module provided by module creators.
  9. Strong links (with the internal s command) will now always use the Selected Default Strong's in Premium version even if the current dictionary has Strong entry. For example, a Strong link in your Notes or Journal will use the Selected Default Strong-Lite even if your active dictionary is Strong.
  10. Editor Split view (Deluxe) setting is now remembered and saved.

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Some chapters in SBLGNT are showing as one big paragraph in verse mode (non-paragraph mode); E.g. Mat 1.
  2. In journal, tapping a link to a different journal opening a popup will cause the opening of the Topic Selector to use the latter journal.
  3. Visual Color Theme Editor (Premium) has problem changing underline, bold and italic states of the Morphological tag if the states of Translator's notes or Cross Reference were initially set for Themes: Linen, Parchment and Light Golden Rod preset.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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