(To learn more about the External SD card issue in Kitkat, please read this article: SD Card Issues in Android 4.4 (KitKat))

To help users of Kitkat devices with a very small internal storage (like 4GB of LG L70 and L40) use the Internal Storage for user files like settings (and those in the mydata folder), notes, journals and images; and use the External SD card app private path for all downloadable modules like bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, fonts and languages; the MySword 5.1 feature Split modules path is provided.

Please note that upon uninstall of the MySword app, all files in the External SD will be deleted but those on the internal storage (Default path or other path except the Android SD card data path) will not be deleted. This is also one of the reason for having the split.

How to use Split Modules Path Mode

This is not enabled by default. To use it, check the Split Modules Path in the Select Modules path screen. For initial or fresh install, all files that will be downloaded afterwards will now be placed into the External SD card under the following folder:

/<path to external SD card>/Android/data/com.riversoft.android.mysword/files

For example, in LG L70, it is:


Please note that existing files in the internal storage folders of bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, fonts and languages will not be automatically moved to the above External SD card folder to prevent problems on accidental check of the Split modules path check box. However, any GZip or unzipped modules you placed on the root of the modules path (internal storage) will be automatically moved to the External SD card path. But the Zip files that contained folders should be placed on the External SD card path to be properly unzipped.

If you have existing downloaded modules and wanted to switch to Split mode, after checking Split modules path, you will be directed to the download screen because MySword will detect that there are no Bibles on the External SD card path. Just close it (as you do not need to redownload), then manually copy the following folders into the above External SD card path: bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, fonts and languages. Then restart MySword and it should be able to pick up your modules.

How to Backup in Split Modules Path Mode

You can now easily backup your own data by just copying the entire mysword folder in the Internal storage location you had chosen (or the default path) into your favorite Cloud storage or your PC/Laptop/Notebook. The following folders are no longer used: bibles, books, commentaries, dictionaries, fonts and languages (they are suppose to be empty, unless the existing files were not yet manually moved).

If you want to backup also the downloaded modules to minimize data network usage or fast copy to a new device, you can also just backup the External SD card path mentioned above.

Enjoy using MySword in your Kitkat device with small internal storage.

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