New and updated modules are uploaded today (8 April 2011).

The Bible in Basic English (BBE) is updated to correct the ? appearing in the titles (notably in the Psalms).

The following are the new Dictionary modules uploaded:

  1. Hitchcock's Bible Names
  2. Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary of American English
  3. Strongs/DBD/Thayer with Verse references (non-Lite version)
    • This is for extra serious Bible student who wanted to explore what KJV words were used for the Hebrew or Greek word, know the number of occurrences as well as the verse references.
    • The Original Lite version do not have the Verse references as the list could be very long.
    • The Migration Tool for TheWord dictionary actually produces two versions (Lite and non-lite) for strong.dct.twm.

You may download these by going to the Download page specific (Download BiblesDownload Dictionaries) to each module type.

Enjoy reading God's Word!

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