To use the MySword 9.0 new Bible Maps feature of verses with geo-location linked to MySword Bible Maps overlaid on modern maps, we are pleased to announce the availability of the updated Rand-McNally Bible Atlas maps and the New David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (uploaded today, 15 February 2017). These 2 MySword book/graphic/map modules contained special geo-location coordinates.

  1. Rand-McNally Bible Atlas maps, The (R.M. Atlas) - Thirty (30) high resolution maps found in 'The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas, Historical and Descriptive, Illustrated by J.L. Hurlbut' published in 1918.

    Rev 1:11 map

  2. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (Rumsey) - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection of Bible Maps (these high resolution old maps which are now in public domain were made available by Cartography Associates

    Mat 4:25 map

Also, a new Graphic module, David Rumsey Timeline Collection (Timeline), is added. This features high resolution old popular Bible Timelines which are now in public domain were made available by Cartography Associates The following are the Timelines:

  1. Composite: Genealogical Chronological and Geographical Chart. History of Ancient Times from Adam to Christ - Skeen, Jacob; 1887

    Bible timeline

  2. Composite: Adams' Synchronological Chart - Adams, Sebastian C.; 1881

    Bible timeline

  3. Historical Chart ... of the principal Empires of the World - Finley, Anthony; 1831
  4. The Histomap - Rand McNally and Company; Sparks, John B.; 1931
  5. Palestine and the Ministry of Jesus Christ According to the Gospels - De Boer, R.F.; 1935

Because the pictures are very high resolution which could possibly slow down or crash MySword app, only a link is provided for you to open the picture via another Android app that can display properly high resolution images like Gallery or AA Image Viewer. Please don't use Google + Photo as it can't zoom in very high resolution images so they are pixelated (tested in phones and tablets). Note that in some Samsung tablets, the Gallery also behaves like Google + Photo, so please use another app like AA Image Viewer. Also note that some Image viewers can't open these pictures because they don't support all Content Providers. 

You may download these Books by going to the Download page:

Alternatively, you can also download them directly via MySword running in your Android device. Just go to Menu->More->Download modules. Then select the module type, language (if any), then the modules, and start downloading.

Enjoy reading God's Word!

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