MySword for Android Migration Tools v.3.1 is now ready for download.

The following are the notable changes in this version:

  1. Support for books with content type jpg and png like for some maps converted from e-Sword to The Word.
  2. RTF2MySwordHTML.dll RTF and RVF migration of links improvements for Book, Dictionary and Commentary migration tools:
    1. Links to other modules with id or title in links are now fully supported. For modules with id given by TheWord so that the file name is not in the link, TheWordIdMap.txt must be created to map the name like d10 or c4 to the actual file that must exist (in each line, the id must be followed by a tab character then the mapped file name).
    2. Links to modules with non-English/Latin names and links with title that are non-English/Latin are now supported.
    3. Self-links with titles that are non-English are now supported.
    4. Bible references to specific translation is now supported. The TheWordIdMap.txt can also be used to map a case of file name (and not abbreviation because The Word seems to favor Latin file names if the abbreviation is non Latin) to abbreviation for MySword use.
  3. Other RTF2MySwordHTML.dll RTF conversion improvements:
    1. \caps for capitalization command is now supported (it is used by some old modules for list subsequent items' first letter of the first word).
    2. Underlined Book_#:# Bible references are now directly supported in Use Open Office (it is used by some old modules) without detecting the verses in The Word then converting back to RTF.
    3. \line is now converted to HTML break
  4. RTF to HTML conversion via OpenOffice improvements:
    1. Support for Libre Office 5 which used small letters in HTML tags, font size enclosed in double quotes, and does not URL encode the pipe (|) used in links making them not work properly because of the |_AUTODETECT_| not removed. NOTE: Libre Office is unreliable in migrating RTF content when it gets larger. In case the records you are migrating are large like in Barnes, it is advisable to reduce RTF2HTMLOO_GroupCount so that some text in one record will not mixed up with the next. It is even more advisable to use Open Office instead.
    2. New setting default to false: RTF2HTMLOO_CleanEmptyParagraphs. This is useful for Poole's commentary from TheWord which has empty paragraphs which embed HTML break (BR tag) rendering them as extra line space but not very good for mobile device. The non-OpenOffice migrator migrates also empty paragraphs but without embedding breaks that is why they are ignored and not rendered.
    3. New lines (CRLF) are now converted to space so that quoted/phrase search will properly work.
    4. In case saving the temporary RTF to rtf.rtf failed due to access denied because previous group's process is still using it, rtf1.rtf will be used instead so conversion can proceed.
  5. Commentary migration bug fix: When using Open Office option, some self links are not corrected (points to dictionary) because the display text contained new lines.

These set of tools can be used to migrate TheWord unencrypted and uncompressed Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, General Book, Devotional and Graphics/Map modules to MySword format. Please go to the Download MySword Migration Tools page.

Now, enjoy using MySword even more!

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