We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 6.5 for download. MySword 6.5's major features are Extract verses in the current page, ability to open MySword module zip/gzip files for easy installation of third party modules, and the Deluxe Frequent word sets and phrases.

Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features of MySword 6.5 are:

  1. Extract verses popup via Stats and other info menu (Info icon) used to display all the verses in the page using the current Bible module.
  2. Downloaded zipped ( and .mybible.gz) and unzipped (.mybible) modules can now be opened via File browsers/explorer and MySword can take care of copying the module into the correct modules path.
  3. Better RTL support:
    1. WYSIWYG Editor: RTL languages Locale display name whose first character is a parenthesis (in some devices) is now properly detected.
    2. Personal Notes and Journal that do not use the RTL module flag: RTL is detected using the date or title (only the first letter is used).
  4. New Stats and other info features for word analyses (Deluxe feature):
    1. Frequent Word Sets - given a range of verses/records, minimum number of supporting records, minimum size of the word set and an optional contains filter, all the frequent word sets are extracted sorted by frequency. You can use this to get the most common word pairs, triplets, quadruplets, etc. For example in KJV, the most common pair is {Lord, God} occurring 1600 times, triplet {Lord, Israel, God} 340 times.

      Frequent word sets

    2. Frequent Phrases - given a range of verses/records, minimum number of supporting records, minimum size of phrase and an optional contains filter, all the frequent phrases are extracted sorted by frequency. For example in NHEB, the most common 5 word phrase is "the word of the Lord" occurring 251 times, while the second is "the house of the Lord" occurring 202 times (hey, it is God's word, remember).

      Frequent phrases

Bugs Fixed in Version 6.5

  1. The text color do not work on Color Themes with dark background in Book view and other new modules (TSK, TSKe, KJC, Webster) with null CustomCSS and still shows as black.
  2. Verse detect bugs:
    1. Book names detected should not be preceded by any letters or numbers so that TMK 5 will not be detected as Mark 5 with letter T at the start.
    2. The space after chapter only verse should be excluded from the link.
  3. K&D Commentary not showing green in case there is an entry.
  4. Strong numbers with dots in ABP are not included in the FTS or Exact indexes so are not searchable.
  5. Edit Cross References (Deluxe feature): pasted verses are not saved.
  6. Pipe | in Highlight Words (Deluxe feature) creates highlight for each character making the   to appear

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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