MySword for Android Migration Tools v.3.0 is now ready for download.

The following are the notable changes in this version:

  1. Dictionary migrator improvements:
    1. Added migration of relative order (use MySword 5.7).
    2. Duplicate entries are no longer added as a separate entry with added number, instead they are appended to the end of the previous similar entry separated by a horizontal rule.
  2. Dictionary/Book migrator improvements:
    1. Links with bookmark (anchor) are now properly migrated which are useful for popups. E.g. LSJ (try creating bookmarks and hyperlinks to these bookmarks within the same entry and from other entries. Note that only MySword 6.2 supports bookmark range, older versions only support no range [Until (passage) is set to None]. The options for Until (passage) combo box:
      1. [None] - Dictionary behaves like [Next] but Journal/Book like [None] showing whole content but scrolling to the bookmark
      2. [Next] - means text from the bookmark up to before the next bookmark (if any) only will be included
      3. bookmark - means up to before this bookmark will be included
  3. RTF2MySwordHTML.dll RTF conversion improvements:
    1. Links within links and some nested UNICODE are now properly migrated by performing 2 passes for links and 3 passes for other tags.
    2. http links are now properly migrated.
    3. Links of the following form are now properly migrated:
      {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "..."}}{\fldrslt ...}}
      Prior, \fldinst and HYPERLINK should only be separated by a space.
    4. Fixed bug: LSJ Greek spaces between words being removed.
    5. Fixed bug: RTF is not converted when the Module's content is RVF but the entry is RTF.
    6. Fixed bug: popup links with text containing \'XX where X is a hexadecimal digit are not converted.
    7. Proper support for UTF-8 RTFEncodingContent for RTF \'XX as UTF-8 requires encoding by block and not by byte.
  4. New Experimental RTF to HTML conversion via OpenOffice (required to be installed) which can include formatting not supported by RVF converter nor plain RTF converter like colors (foreground and background), margins, alignment (center and right), tables, etc. Note that the conversion is slower compared to the simpler RTF converter; for example, Eastons dictionary with 3965 entries converts in 1.5 minutes while it is just 15 seconds in the simple RTF converter.

    The following are the config's appSettings entries to use the feature:

    1. RTF2HTMLViaOpenOffice - must be set to true to enable the feature
    2. RTF2HTMLOO_GroupCount - the number of records to batch convert through one call to OpenOffice for speed. If the setting is 1, every record will mean one call while 100 will mean 100 records to aggregate to a single call. Eastons dictionary with 3965 records converted using group count of 1 required 16 minutes (very slow) while a setting of 100 to 200 required only 1.5 minutes. Note that if the setting is greater than 1, all records must be in RTF, otherwise an error will be thrown.

      Limitations: records with different RTF color tables will have problems when grouped that is why the group count will be smaller as only the same consecutive records with the same color tables will be grouped. In case all records have unique color tables or alternating different color tables, the effect will be a group count of 1. RTF has built-in standard palette of 16 colors (intense and mid-intensity red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, white and black). If all records use the standard palette then they will all have the same color table.

    3. RTF2HTMLOO_ReformatLists - must be set to true if the emulated list as indented paragraphs should be converted into HTML bullet and number lists.
    4. RTF2HTMLOO_CleanFont - must be set to true if HTML font tags should be removed. Note that it is advisable to remove them as they will affect the text scaling in MySword.
    5. RTF2HTMLOO_CleanTopBottomMargins - must be set to true if the style attribute entries for margin-top, margin-bottom and line-height should be removed.
    6. RTF2HTMLOO_ThemeColor - must be set to true if the embedded colors should be made compatible with MySword themes light or dark background.
    7. RTF2HTMLOO_MinFontSize - set to 10 if you want 10 pt and below, as normal
    8. RTF2HTMLOO_MaxRetrySaveHTML - Maximum number of tries to retry save as HTML as OpenOffice may fail the first time. 3 is advisable.

    Note that if there are records that contained non-English/Latin characters like Greek and Hebrew and they do not have the \rtf header and correct \fonttbl, garbage characters will result on those text (e.g. some records in VWS like Mark 1:1). These records will have to be corrected in TheWord by converting the module first to RVF (make it a first User editable module) via Detect verses, then convert it back to RTF.

These set of tools can be used to migrate TheWord unencrypted and uncompressed Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, General Book, Devotional and Graphics/Map modules to MySword format. Please go to the Download MySword Migration Tools page.

Now, enjoy using MySword even more!

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