We are happy to announce the availability of MySword 5.3 Release Candidate (RC) 1 for download. MySword 5.3's major features are Link to MySword, better support for Bibles and commentaries with verse entries, and other improvements.

Please note that MySword 5.3 RC 1 is only available from the MySword website. We will not be releasing any Release Candidate versions of MySword 5.3 through Google Play. After MySword 5.3 has graduated from Release Candidate status, that is the time we will be releasing MySword 5.3 through Google Play. The tentative schedule of that release is last week of August. Please report any bugs you encountered. Thanks.

Please go to the Download MySword page.

The noteworthy new features of MySword 5.3 are:

  1. Link to MySword - open MySword from other apps via HTML link, e.g.
  2. Semi-transparent scroll buttons at the lower right. This can be hidden, shown in full screen (default) or always (even in non-full screen) via Display Preferences. The buttons are also available in popups, preview and Mini Bible viewer which can also be hidden.
  3. Better support for Bibles with verse entry consisting of a range of verses (paraphrased like in EasyEnglish):
    1. Highlight now works in contained verses by highlighting the block.
    2. Properly scrolls to the contained verses.
  4. Better support for Commentaries with verse range entries like EasyEnglish (one chapter per entry) and Matthew Henry: does not reload and scrolls to top in case the new verse is already contained.
  5. Long press Share button (Premium) for option to share text with link or just link.
  6. Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe) improvement: swipe left/right will move to next/previous chapter/entry in case the page is already at the far end (right-most or left-most).
  7. Bookmarks improvements in Deluxe version:
    1. For non-Bible, the Add/Remove/Module buttons are now equally spaced.
    2. For non-Bible, the scroll percentage is now device independent.
    3. Label a bookmark item by tapping the icon at the far right of each item. You can also just replace the bookmark retaining the old label and sort position.

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Bible links with specified module (e.g. [[Psa 23:1/KJV]]) when merged do not properly show in popup.
  2. Compact Bible popup does not have top margin.
  3. Password in Journals are bypassed in Journal entry link as popup, edit journal entry, as well as in search result and view more.
  4. Bible links created in non-WYSIWYG editor for Tag Notes (Deluxe) does not work in Popups after MySword 5.2 update.
  5. Tag custom position (Deluxe) in Horizontal scrolling cannot be used as the height of display is too small.
  6. Format and Tag custom position (Deluxe) display do not have top margin.
  7. In themes with background image in Horizontal scrolling (Deluxe), short content always have excess second blank page.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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