MySword for Android version 3.3 is now ready for download. Please go to the Download MySword page.

MySword 3.3's major features user-settable Fonts (Standard Font, Alternate Greek Font, Alternate Hebrew Font and Alternate Extended Latin Font), Accent-insensitive search and Exact search (Deluxe version only). Please download also the latest version of the language files (dated 15 October 2012 or later).

The noteworthy new features of MySword 3.3 are:

  1. Search Improvements:
    1. Changed the FTS search type check box and Create index to a combo box to accommodate more index types.
    2. The following are the 5 index types (search types):
      1. Standard - the original non-FTS search (available in all versions)
      2. Exact - (new!) non-FTS exact word/phrase search (Deluxe version)
      3. No accents (diacritics) - (new!) for accent/diacritic free search (available in all versions). This is useful for Greek, Latin and other European languages
      4. Full-text search (FTS) - Standard - the original FTS search (Premium version). This utilizes Porter Stemmer for root word search.
      5. FTS - Exact / No accents - (new!) FTS search not using Porter Stemmer so it behaves like exact word/phrase search; this is also an accent/diacritic free search
    3. Clear search text menu/button which replaces Select text in Gingerbread and up.
    4. Synonyms for FTS search in Personal notes and Journal. The synonyms.txt file is located under the mydata folder which can edited and expanded using a text editor. The file initially contains bible book abbreviations. This feature is useful for search like this: "Prov 4:7 which will also match "Pro 4:7", "Proverb 4:7" and "Proverbs 4:7". Note that this feature is disabled when NEAR operator is used.
    5. The FTS boolean keywords AND and OR and proximity operator NEAR are no longer highlighted.
    6. Strong's tags are now displayed in the Bible search result and included in the FTS search (you will need to regenerate the old FTS in KJV and other modules with Strong's by redownloading the module). They are also included in the new Exact, No accents (diacritics) and FTS Exact / No accents searches and indexes.
    7. Toggle Bible Compare button in the split preview (Deluxe version)
  2. Added All, OT and NT range as well as Jump to book shortcut in Select Verse to speed up the selection.
  3. Added button to open ES File Explorer to choose a folder for Select Modules path, Backup/Restore and Export page/journal/notes to file.
  4. Bibles, Dictionaries and Commentaries lists are now sorted by Abbreviation and no longer by file name.
  5. Fonts selection list is now sorted alphabetically.
  6. Added new Preferences:
    1. Alternate Greek Font. You can now use a font that do not support Greek for English and for the Greek text in the Bible or other modules, the Alternate Greek Font will be used if specified.
    2. Alternate Hebrew Font. Note that because of ICS and Jellybean bug, Roboto font is used in case of nikkud.
    3. Alternate Extended Latin Font. This is useful for TS1998 as well as the transliteration in Strongs dictionary.
  7. Moved even the secondary/tertiary titles at the front of the verse to be displayed before the verse number.
  8. The Editor's Insert Bible Link now memorizes the previously selected or searched verse.
  9. Cross-references in Bible and journal links in Journals should open in other split windows in Deluxe.
  10. Added more symbols in Insert Symbol / special character (some requires special font) and added Hebrew characters (Premium). The symbols display now uses the selected font.
  11. Custom CSS @font-face with relative URL (no file://) is now automatically set to the fonts folder of the modules path.
  12. Exposed the Editor menu items Toggle fullscreen, Save and Preview Notes icons in the Action Bar for Honeycomb and up.

The following bugs were fixed:

  1. Select Modules Path not properly registering a different one other than the default in 3.2 or 3.0 Deluxe in Split mode. It is able to change the path but the old is displayed and used in export, backup, restore as well as create new Journal.
  2. Restored back the Bible abbreviation display in the header for single translation parallel view lost in version 3.1.
  3. Last Hebrew word in TS1998 verse will swap with the next verse's number in paragraph mode if there is no paragraph break.
  4. Copy verse sometimes have <CI> and <RX...> tags.
  5. In Premium or Deluxe, the Bookmark screen will no longer open when there are no modules in either Dictionary or Commentary view which can cause a crash when a bookmark is added.
  6. Preview of content with table is not properly styled in Search and Editor making the header text not readable in some situations (dark background).
  7. Tables in Dictionaries and Commentaries are not CSS styled properly.
  8. Editor Preview menu icon is showing Preview Clipboard and not Preview Content.
  9. Editor Link Verse Compare always use the current verse even though a different one was selected in the Verse Selector.
  10. Change Highlight window sometimes display the current verse of the other split window and not the active window.

We are making MySword better. Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy using MySword!

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