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Language: English (22)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible [Barnes]1344.38 July 2020
2Bible Pictures [BiblePic]98.710013 February 2018
3Bible Pictures HD (for Large Tablets) [BiblePicHD]423.5425.913 February 2018
4Biblical Illustrator, edited by Joseph S. Exell M.A. - 1849 [BI]60.9194.45 July 2022
5Bridgeway Bible Commentary - courtesy of Bridgeway Publications ( [Bridgeway]5.695 October 2011
Bridgeway Publications website:
6Adam Clarke's Commentary [Clarke]9.329.918 July 2022
7Darby Translation Notes [DTN]0.51.727 June 2009
8EasyEnglish Bible Commentaries - Recommended for beginners in English [EasyEnglish]5.931.225 April 2014
Courtesy of Wycliffe Associates (UK)
9English Annotations on the Holy Bible by Matthew Poole, 1685 [Poole]7.826.829 October 2016
10Jamieson, Fausset and Brown's Commentary [JFB]515.721 July 2022
11John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible [Gill]16.252.36 July 2022
12Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament [K&D ]10.23618 August 2012
13King Comments-EN - [KingCmts-EN]7.724.320 May 2023
14Matthew Henry's Whole Bible Commentary [MHWBC]1451.318 June 2022
15Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament [RWP]2.610.212 May 2023
16Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 Edition [Scofield]0.41.711 February 2022
17The Gospels Compared [TGC]0.610.520 September 2022
18Treasury of David [ToD]4.413.610 August 2013
19Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge [TSK]4.822.931 December 2015
20Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge - Enhanced [TSKe]8.243.57 December 2014
Courtesy of Timothy Morton of Bible Analyzer; website:
21unfoldingWord's translationNotes [UW-TN]6.228.87 December 2017 | Also includes 2 dictionaries referenced in this commentary: TranslationAcademy [UW-TA] and TranslationWords [UW-TW]
22Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament [VWS]1.65.512 May 2023

Language: German (Deutsch) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1King Comments-DE - [KingCmts-DE]8.526.320 May 2023

Language: Dutch (Nederlands) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1King Comments-NL - [KingCmts-NL]826.220 May 2023

Language: Thai (ไทย) (1)

#ModuleFile Size (MB)Last Updated
1Thai Devotion [ข้อคิดจากพระวจนะ]0.75.23 January 2014
Courtesy of Thailand Bible Society; website:

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